Rules & Policies

Please read Lake Moc A Tek Campground's rules and policies below.


  • PAYMENT DEADLINES for seasonal campsites: deposit-March 15th; balance due June 1st.  Winter storage (in full) due by October 1st.


  • QUIET HOURS: 11PM to 8AM.  Voices, Televisions, Radios, Musical Instruments, etc… must be kept at a low volume during quiet hours.  Please respect our campers who wish to get a good night’s sleep free from loud and disturbing noise!
  • SPEED LIMIT: 10 MPH. This is slower than you think so PLEASE watch your speedometer – PROTECT OUR CHILDREN!
  • CHILDREN’S CONDUCT: Parents are responsible for their Children’s conduct and will be held liable for any damages they cause.  BULLIES WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and will be permanently banned from LMCI property!  CHILDREN WHO CAUSE DISTURBANCES BETWEEN 11PM & 8AM ARE SUBJECT TO A PERMANENT CURFEW DURING THESE HOURS!
  • GUESTS: Each site is allowed up to 4 guests free of charge at any time.  Additional guests will be charged $5 each for daily visits or $10 each for overnight visits.  Seasonal site holders are responsible for their guest’s conduct.  Inappropriate behavior by campers or their guests may result in cancellation of the camping permit.
  • WEAPONS: Weapons are strictly prohibited on LMCI property.
  • TRASH: Campground dumpsters are for LMCI campers use only.  Absolutely no trash other than table scraps/household garbage from your trailer may be deposited in the dumpstersno large or bulky items such as appliances, grills, chairs, tables, large boxes, propane tanks, tires, building materials, batteries, mattresses, bikes, etc…   Trash must be bagged and placed inside the dumpsters.  Do not place any trash on the ground.  YOUR COMPLIANCE WILL HELP KEEP FUTURE SEASONAL CAMPSITE RATES AS LOW AS POSSIBLE AND PRESERVE YOUR


  • VEHICLES: Motorized recreational vehicles are not permitted to operate on LMCI property at any time.  Automobiles, trucks and motorcycles are permitted but must be street legal (current registration/safety inspection sticker/insurance/etc…).  Operators of permitted vehicles must possess valid driver’s license.  Auto repair including oil change is strictly prohibited on LMCI property.
  • WASHING CARS: Washing cars or trucks on LMCI property is strictly prohibited.
  • GOLF CARTS: Golf cart use is limited and only permitted to operators who are disabled.  Any seasonal camper with a handicap placard is eligible to use a golf cart on campground property.  Please ensure your golf cart is covered by insurance.
  • TRAILER PARKING (other than campers): Trailers containing boats or other material or objects must park in designated areas and not at camp sites.  The seasonal fee to store trailered boats at LMCI during the regular season will be waived for 2016.  An additional $150 winter boat storage fee is assessed during the off season and payable by October 1st.
  • BICYCLES & SKATEBOARDS: Bicycles and skateboards are permitted for use on LMCI property with the following exception:  Children under 18 years of age may not operate bicycles on the paved road between the campground entrance and office/store building.  Operators must observe the 10 MPH speed limit at all times.  Additionally, bicycles & skateboards must have a working light if operated after dark.
  • LAKE RULES: No boats other than LMCI rental boats are allowed on the lake.  LMCI boats are rented one day at a time.  Rental boats must return to shore by sundown and equipment returned to the office/store before dark.  Fishing on the lake is permitted but requires a Pennsylvania Fishing License for anglers over 16 years old.  Swimming in the lake is prohibited.
  • INDIVIDUAL SITE MAINTENANCE: LMCI maintains all common areas.  Seasonal campers are responsible to maintain their individual site including mowing grass.  Campers may borrow the community lawn mower which is kept at the office/store.  Washing trailers/campers is allowed and encouraged.  Moss & mildew growth on trailers/campers will not be tolerated.
  • RAKED LEAVES: Please deposit all raked leaves on the burn pile in the field below the dumpsters.  Dumping is no longer permitted by the spillway, pool, Laundromat, etc…
  • DRAINAGE DITCH: There is a drainage ditch which runs parallel to the lake between the campground property and the old racetrack property and continues to the swamp.  This ditch is designed to divert storm water away from campsites and must remain clear.  To prevent flooding, please do not place grass clippings, leaves or any other debris in this drainage ditch.


  • FIREWOOD: Due to the recent spread of invasive insects such as the Emerald Ash Borer and the Asian Longhorn Beetle, the state of Pennsylvania and the US Forestry Department are now regulating the movement of firewood across state and county lines.  We all share the responsibility of protecting our environment and keeping our campground safe from the damage that these pests are capable of causing.  For this reason, we ask that you purchase the firewood you intend to use in our campground from local suppliers.  Additionally, please be advised that the use of chainsaws is not permitted on property.
  • WASTE WATER: Please note that it is illegal to discharge any type of waste water on the ground.  Violation can result in a significant fine.  Waste water from sites without sewer connections must be collected in a holding tank and deposited at the dump station near the spillway.
  • PROPER SEWER HOOK-UP PROCEDURES: Please keep camping trailer holding tanks closed to collect drain and toilet water.  They should only be opened (black water first followed by grey water) to drain when they are over ½ full and immediately closed again when empty.  This allows for proper drainage in the underground sewer line.  Leaving drains open permanently promotes plugged sewer lines and inconveniences all campers connected to the effected sewer line.  ADDITIONALLY, human waste, water and toilet paper specifically designed for use in RV’s are the only items allowed to be discharged into the underground sewer system.  Prohibited items such as candy wrappers, Q-tips, handi-wipes, tampons, birth control items, aluminum foil, etc. continue to show up in the septic tanks.  These items result in unnecessary repair bills.  Please help us keep future rate increases down by strictly adhering to these proper sewer procedures!
  • SITE USAGE: Sites are intended to be occupied by immediate family members of the permit holder.  Subletting is not allowed.  If a permit holder allows a guest to use their site, they must notify LMCI in advance.  Please note that tents are not permitted on RV sites.  Tent sites are available for rent and are located between the old pavilion and office/store.
  • “SEASONAL CAMPING PERMIT” DEFINED: A seasonal permit allows camping at the site on weekends and during a two week vacation period.  Campers staying longer will be considered a “Full Time Seasonal” camper.
  • “FULL TIME SEASONAL CAMPING PERMIT” DEFINED: A full time seasonal permit allows unlimited camping at the site for the full season.  An additional $150 fee for the season is collected to cover increased utility consumption.
  • EXTERNAL STRUCTURES: Decks, sheds and Dura-Built sunrooms, screen rooms and awnings are allowed but plans must be approved by LMCI management before building begins.  Under no circumstances are external structures to be built over electrical lines/outlets or water lines/faucets.  External structures that restrict access to underground service lines, outlets and faucets requiring emergency repairs will be cut and/or removed at the owner’s expense.  Existing sunrooms have been “grandfathered” as long as they are properly maintained in good condition.  “Grandfathered” sunrooms must be removed when existing owners vacate their site.  These structures may not be sold or transferred for use on LMCI property.  Beginning in 2016, Dura-Built sunrooms, screen rooms and awnings are approved for use on LMCI property.  Please see campground management for more information on Dura-Built products.
  • EXTERNAL REFRIGERAT0RS/ELECTRIC HEATERS/ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS: These appliances use excessive levels of electricity that is not covered by your seasonal rate and are therefore prohibited from use!  Campers found using these appliances will have an immediate rate increase of $500 per season.  This rate adjustment will not be pro-rated.
  • NO PARKING AREA: Please allow adequate space when parking near the sewage dump station.  Campers without a sewer hook-up at their site need to use the dump station on a regular basis and must be able to access the area.
  • POOL SUPERVISION: Our swimming pool has an automatic closing / self latching gate.  This was installed to prevent small children from entering the pool area alone.  Children must be at least 14 years old to be inside the pool gate and to swim without adult supervision.  Children under 14 years old must have an adult supervising them at all times.  By definition, an adult is someone who is over 18 years old.  Additional regulations are posted at the pool.  Pool users who do not completely comply with pool rules, policies and regulations risk losing their privilege to use the pool.
  • OFF LIMITS: Please be advised that the old Moc-A-Tek Speedway, the spillway, the area beyond the spillway and the swamp area are off limits for safety reasons.  This property is privately owned and not part of our campground.  Trespassing is prohibited!
  • TOWNSHIP TAXES: LMCI pays taxes on all land and assets owned by Lake Moc-A-Tek Campground.  Please be advised that Paupack Township assesses taxes on the monetary value of sheds, decks, sunrooms, screen rooms, semi-permanent awnings and unregistered travel trailers directly to the owners of these “personal items”.  If you register your trailer for road use, you must send a copy of the current registration each year to the county tax office to avoid paying the township taxes on the value of your trailer.  The address to send it to is:

  Wayne County Board of Assessment and Revision of Taxes Wayne County Court House 925 Court Street Honesdale, PA  18431-1996   LMCI is NOT RESPONSIBLE for damages caused by fire, snow, water or collisions, or loss caused from theft, mischief or misuse of equipment, to any trailer, camper, vehicle, boat or other personal property.  Please ensure that you have proper insurance to cover any and all of the above. It is the responsibility of every seasonal camper to ensure their children and guests are aware of every item contained in this list of rules and policies.  Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who does not comply with our rules and policies.  It is recommended that you post this copy in your camper so these items remain top of mind.  Additional copies of this document are available upon request at the office/store.   FOR A PRINTABLE VERSION, PLEASE CLICK HERE.